Top Ten Tips For Caring For Hair Extensions By Susan Lipson

We’ve all seen the horror stories of hair extensions – tangled locks, obvious bonds, bald spots – and that’s just on Britney Spears! But if you take good care of your hair there’s no reason why you should have any trouble with them and not be able to enjoy gorgeously thick, long hair for years to come.
Here are my top tips for keeping your extensions looking as pristine as the second you walked out of the salon.

  1. Get the right brush. A stylist-approved brush is essential so that you don’t tug at the extensions too harshly. Try a big soft-toothed brush from Great Lengths or something similar.
  2. Once you have the right brush – use it! Brush your hair out gently each morning to avoid tangles and matting. You want long Rapunzel hair, not dreadlocks.
  3. You never want to be one of those girls who are constantly preening and playing with their hair like a posing peacock, but carefully separately the strands around the bonds with your fingers will length the life of your extensions.
  4. Loosely tie back your hair each night before bed so that it doesn’t get tangled as you toss and turn in your sleep – or during any other bedtime activities!
  5. Even more importantly, avid exercisers should always braid their hair before working out or you are likely to have a knotted, sweaty mass when you leave the gym. What is the point of having a hot body if your hair is a hot mess?
  6. Gently does it! Shampoo and towel dry you hair with care, being sure not to rub the hairs together too roughly. Squeeze excess water out instead of ringing it.
  7. NEVER tie you hair up in a bun or knot, the extensions need to follow their natural downward direction or they are at risk of becoming irrevocably tangled.
  8. Dry the bond and surrounding hair first to extend their life spam, and don’t apply curling irons or straighteners to them as they are likely to melt!
  9. Book appointments with your stylist every six to eight weeks for professional blow outs, trims and detangling. All hair needs a little regular TLC.
  10. No pulling! I know you’re not in kindergarten getting into school yard fights anymore, but make sure you avoid any hairpulling or tugging, even when getting a blow dry, as it weakens both your natural hair and the bonds.

Most importantly, enjoy your long hair and relish in your sexy new look!


About onsetsalon

With years of experience working in the film and television industries, Susan Lipson is set apart apart from all other stylists who do hair extensions, as she is always aware of the newest and best products available. While hair extensions have only been popular in the real world for the past five years, the entertainment industry has long been utilizing wigs and hairpieces to create long, luscious locks or totally new looks.
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